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Panel Replacement

If you've ever noticed that your garage door is not looking its best, or perhaps it's making strange noises when in use, then it might be time for a panel replacement. This process involves removing the old panels and installing new ones to give your garage door a fresh look and improved functionality.The first step of panel replacement starts with identifying the problem. Perhaps one of the common issues we see at Silva Garage Door Repair is warped or damaged panels due to weather conditions or physical impact. But don't worry. With our expertise in handling these problems daily, we're here to help make sure your garage door returns to optimal performance.

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Determining The Need For Panel Replacement

To figure out if you need a panel replacement, there are several signs that you can look out for yourself. These include noticeable dents or warps on the surface of the panels, gaps between them caused by misalignment, rust formation especially near the bottom sections due to water exposure over time – all pointing towards potential damage requiring immediate attention.You may also experience increased difficulty while opening or closing your garage door because such damages can interfere with its smooth operation. Pro tip: Regularly inspecting your garage doors helps identify any small issues before they turn into bigger headaches.

The Process Of Panel Replacement

In essence, replacing a panel involves detaching it from its hinges and brackets before securing a new one in place - simple as pie when done by professionals like us at Silva Garage Door Repair. We ensure that each installation aligns perfectly so there won’t be any gaps that could compromise the overall structure and function of your garage door.Moreover, our technicians always double-check for balance to make sure the weight distribution remains even across all panels. This helps prevent undue strain on certain parts which can cause premature wear and tear. Remember: a well-balanced door operates more smoothly.

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